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About Us

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Aerial Drone Photography Specialist

My name is Justin Paul David and I was born with a keen eye and a steady hand. My grandfather opened the first-ever camera repair shop in Utah in 1952.

I have been inspired to capture beautiful images for as long as I remember. My passion for creating awe-inspiring images is second to none. The 1000's of images in my lifelong portfolio are an indication of the lengths that I will venture in pursuit of capturing the breathtaking images that will last a lifetime.

Let's take this journey and see what undiscovered magic we can co-create together


What We Do


Save your time

Answer your questions

Eliminate headaches

Quality control

Enable an easy acquisition of aerial imagery and data, anywhere you need it

Provide a single point of contact for all drone-related needs



Our Primary Value Is, Well, Value. Eliminate The Costs And Risk Of Investing In Equipment, Maintenance, Depreciation, Replacement, Obsolescence, Software, Insurance, Training, And Certification.



We Help You Skip The Intimidating, Time-consuming, And Costly Process Of Drone Implementation; Instead, We Simply Give You What You Want: Amazing Aerial Footage And Valuable Information.



We Believe We Can Help Businesses Of All Sizes Take Advantage Of Drone Services By Eliminating The Complexity And Challenges Of Doing It Themselves.



Our Pilots Aren’t Occasional Drone Users; Instead, They Are Specialists And Enthusiasts Who Turn The Pride They Take In Their Work Into Unbeatable Service For Our Customers.

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